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You mean the Jewish media that donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign? Wow what a fucking shock!

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US media is a fucking joke

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The CIA controls this media, they don't want the public knowing about it. It's not a joke, it's sedition.

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All MSM is a joke mate. Any news from any country at this point. It is about information control.

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"...and by the hearsay..."

And what is this supposed to mean? Hearsay is 100% usable is securing a warrant in any jurisdiction, always has been always will be.

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Just call them by something more accurate ... the Jewish media.

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i don't know if that is the biggest news, but it sure does add to treason in my opinion.

while I think election fraud on clinton was pretty bad i think that the $21+ trillion dollars that has magically vanished is a big fucking deal and maybe the biggest theft on americans of all time.

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That is because the entire MSM is working for Obama the TRAITOR!

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They didn't cover the $20 TRILLION that Obama's pentagon "misplaced" either.

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