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So everyone in Minnesota basicly kicked in 10$ for fake day care.

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They should shoot everyone one of these sand niggers in the fucking head. Traitors!

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That's about 1.6% of Somalia's GDP

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Nigs are going to nig, what's to be expected?

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It's not just that the money sent to Africa is wasted. It wouldn't be so bad if it were merely wasted. No, this "aid" money is enabling the breeding of far more Africans than are able to feed themselves, which naturally drives them out of Africa into Western nations where they can get yet more handouts to keep their endless assembly line of black babies cranking out.

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How are they getting this through the airports? Did I miss something in the article?

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At least they are buying guns and killing each other with the money.

So that's one positive thing, right?

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They are also killing whites in Europe.

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I don't know why I even read this stuff cuz it makes my blood pressure sky rocket. Again we need to round up all these far left bleeding heart useful idiots & their SJW schl0m0 bolshevik leaders. Give them the option either to be jettisoned to the 3rd world sh1thole of their choice or orderly liquidated.

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