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It’s an insult to animals, I say!

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Wait, aren't Dems the ones that claim humans are "just animals" and are no more special than a newt?

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If it's one of them, everything they do is justified.

Dems are perfectly fine when Hillary permanently "silence" people too.

All liberals are fucking hypocrite piece of shits. Ever see those SJW invite rapefugee inside their house? Nah, all of those SJW politicians live in segregated gated areas.

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They aren't progressives. They simply project. They are projectives.

Trump is a racist and a bigot, I mean who will mow his lawn or clean his house if he deports all the Mexicans?

You can see it in pretty much everything they say that it is simple projection.

This is why the projectivists twist all sex into rape, because they're rapists.

This is why the projectivists twist all normal parenting into child abuse, because they abuse children.

This is why the projectivists claim "hate" speech infringes upon free speech and other rights, because they wish to infringe on free speech and other rights.

Whatever problem it is that a projectivist is telling you they wish to solve is almost surely the exact transgression they are either currently performing or wish to perform.

Now that the mask is off you can see them in all of their horror.

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No. That's me. But there's a difference between an animal that is civilized and one who is not.

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OMG!!!! Its not like they had 2 scoops of ice cream or anything

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Offended by the truth. Classic libtard logic.

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These are the type of people who are known to bow down to terrorists when they go on to kill natives. So not surprising

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Aid and comfort to our enemies. This is why I want to lynch leftists, democrats and liberals.

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It's so disturbing to me the way the Main Street Media recompiles everything Trump says into something awful and then hipes it as if he's the next Pol Pot.

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It's ironic because if these virtue signalling fucktards get their way, there wont be a country to sell anything to. They are willing to destroy their profits, and their livelihoods to virtue signal about dangerous, and violent savages

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Fuck these gang faggots. Truely subhuman

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Ms-13 officially worships satan

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