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So, Indians and blacks have been more aware of the Jewish problem than whites.

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Actually, only white people are being actively brainwashed to not notice about the jews.

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I've known about the Jew, black and brown problem since I was a little kid. I remember when a Jew showed up at our school, people took the long path around him. We called any guy who didn't act like a man faggot and people got the shit beat out of them if they acted too queer. Almost everyone was white as well. Then the brown plague came and now everywhere I go there's beaners, far more of them than us now. They are a stupid mongoloid race that doesn't have the brain capacity to be part of modern white society. Computers are nothing more than confusing machines that idiot white people sat them in front of even though they have no idea how they work.

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I know a black dude who admits that Hitler was right about Jews.

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plenty of pajeets will openly admit to liking Hitler, the "monstering" of his history hasn't really gained traction in the east.

Still worth being cautious tho. A paragraph from the mercenary's bible springs to mind, "the enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy, no more and no less."

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Pajeets favor Hitler because Churchill let their indian grandfathers suffer and die. The allied forces were unjust at that time towards india, as well as africa/ south america and the east. Im finding that a lot of non white communities favor nazism.

Hell i was in mainland china 2 months ago and seen groups of teens wearing hugo boss SS style clothing, posting swasitkas on social media in china is a norm, and anti communist protesters always discuss nat-soc ideals.

Wouldnt suprise me if china became a christian nat-soc country in 20 years time.

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Pretty much everyone does. Muslims don't have anything against Hitler.

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I think they don't get as harangued and don't have that guilt placed on them, so they are aware and can be more vocal about it among themselves.

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Here's one in Canada that was persecuted with that odious hate crime bullshit:. https://www.thestar.com/news/obituaries/2010/03/14/david_ahenakew_76_former_native_leader.html

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You know you fucked up when you get outsmarted by a nigger.

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What do you suspect he is trying to accomplish?

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Testing to see how well the Marxist professors have been brainwashing their students to hate their own country, probably.

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Exactly. It's a yard stick to measure progression of indoctrination on campus.

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People are waking up! Thanks for posting this.

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He's afraid to openly criticize a black person too. That's genius. Jew can't insult a black person where everyone can see it.

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They can't do anything in public at the street level unless everyone thinks they're a fellow white person.

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Typical tricks Shlomo.

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Why does the audio spike?

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Censoring out the vile curse word "shit", judging from the subtitles.

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Nice link thanks. Do you have the fill video? No worries if not.

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"Ami on the Loose: Berkeley Students React to US Flag" - search for it on YouTube, it's some cancerous Jew who's trying to point out how "fucked up" society is with his stupid social experiments. Meanwhile he seems completely blind to the fact he looks like a raging Jew might have some influnce on people's reactions.

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Thank you very much for that.

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