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I'm not generally a big fan of the daily stormer, but this was a decent read.

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I kind of figured that something like "crowdfunding" would have something to do with a nigger in charge. With them its all about the "gibs" . Democrat political candidates standing around with their collective hands out and what they can get for free is pretty normal behavior. The average democrat doesn't give to charities.

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They certainly don't mind ruining crowdfunind services though.

  • RootBocks
  • Hatreon <- screwed by Stripe
  • GoyFundme
  • WeSearchr
  • MakerSupport <- screwed by Stripe

PewTube was also screwed by Stripe and BitChute might be making the same mistake soon.

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Wow. Never thought the dailystormer would be more honest than this "non-partisian" website.

The DS fully discloses their opinion and narratives on race, religion, etc. They don't hide behind "neutrality". You go there expecting a certain view, and you get that honest view.

If I go to that political campaign site, I expect a "non-bais". But instead I get shifty, slimy, bigotry against all GOP and Republican candidates.

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Par for the course. With niggers and Jews, you lose.

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And which non profit is it? Not going there because dailystormer is for retards

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That would be Crowdpac you fuckwit.

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I see mostly democrats on there. Plenty of niggers, muslims, and niggerslims too. Safe to say if it ever was bipartisan it's not now.