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Won't work. Twitter does not exist to make money or even break even. It's there to spread the message.

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i dont think most people realise twitter has operated in the red for the majority of its life. its value is in social manipulation and its worth more than all the advertising revenue you could ever earn.

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I don't understand how they are still in business as long as they've been in the red. It raises all kinds of flags with me.

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Hmmm... Then should twitter be considered a PAC? If so, are the subject to FEC regulation?

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Several years of share prices falling double digits. Largest shareholder is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed. Idk, it all sounds like it's legit to me ;) ;) ;)

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Exactly, none of the social media giants exist to make profit from commercial advertisements. This is same shit that happened with print newspapers in the 1800s through early 1900's until radio took over. Own the paper, control the mind. Politicians and newspaper owners were partners, lots of murders and lots of burned printing presses. Good times.

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Mind control machines are worth more than advertiser dollars

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How about just stop using twitter?

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Have to have started to stop. Fuck that shithole.

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Gets shadow banned. Tries to send message.

[–] Justaddcoffee [S] 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

The advertisers do have websites.

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I got about 8 sent before I was banned lol.

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You tried to send that through Twitter?

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The image went through just fine.

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How do you know who advertises there unless you go there and support twitter?

I don't even know its web address bro.

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site can't be reached...

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Thanks for doing OP's job

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Getting rid of white people > profits.

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can anyone give a list of advertisers?

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If you have Twitter about every 5th tweet in your feed will be an advertiser with a little (promoted content) tag in the lower left corner. You can simply reply to their tweet with the image and all others that have replied to their tweet will see the message along with them.

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