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Coming from CA I can tell you it can't keep up at the rate it's going. They have a huge GDP but they also waste billions on shit like needle and feces cleanup (har har) for the homeless. There are tons of people like Elon Musk that make millions for the state coffers but a lot of millionaires know the game too well and it's a shell game avoiding taxes. CA spends tons just getting the rich to pay their taxes while they pay out millions to the poor.

I tell all my friends to GTFO. I wouldn't want to be there in a few years

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Well there's also the economic boost because of all the military bases here. California would not be much without the federal gov't and federal jobs here. The state is a mess, run by petulant children who never grew up. Being educated, white and polite is an actual liability here. It's already basically a third-world country. A lot of private businesses are already looking at or have already made a move to Texas.

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Being educated, white and polite is an actual liability here. It's already basically a third-world country.

Yup. I moved there for tech and I was shocked at how ghetto it is. The entire state is a slum.

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damn sounds like a robin hood complex

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If I was rich and had to do my work in CA I'd find a way to have my home address out of state. No fucking way would I fund the scumbags that CA encourages

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The only hope for this project is that Musk’s tunneling machine works perfectly, they run the whole damn thing underground, and tell the landowners and the environmentalists to pound sand. Odds of that happening: zero.

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Nothing Elon Musk does EVER works perfectly.

Not even close.

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I dunno, his Hype Machine is pretty good.

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We really do need better transit systems on the west coast. You can only tack on so much to the existing highways.

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I wish every man, woman, and child in California could SEE and KNOW, for just five full minutes, how much the rest of the entire world just wished they would die. Edit: Alright, I'm sorry, I was hasty and harsh. Conservative Californians, you may live.

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If you look at the map, NorCal is pretty red. (conservative, not communist)

SoCal is pretty retarded.

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There are a lot of conservatives in SoCal, we just have to be quiet about it if we want to stay employed and not get assaulted by spics.

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OK, OK, recalibrating...

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They're the US equivalent of Justine Turdreau. Trust fund babies that have gone through life believing that budgets just balance themselves.

That isn't pride, it confusion and bewiderment because trust fund managers are supposed to just write endless checks.

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I keep saying Commiefornia is gonna pull a Detroit - first bankrupt state. Lol.

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The intention is and always has been bankruptcy. This is what Obama was trying to do to the nation. This is what Hillery was supposed to finish.

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https://archive.fo/9GqzX :

The bullet train is California's biggest infrastructure project — but it's seldom discussed in governor's race

'Of the leading candidates, only Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat, discussed how he would fix the project. ', "In an interview, he said the project would become an economic engine for the state and that he would find private investors that can plug the funding gap — despite the state's failure in recent years to attract such capital."

'He wants to streamline permitting and find ways to cut costs, he said. ', " More state money isn't likely, he said, and he stopped short of giving his full support to some of the financing schemes that the rail authority wants to use."

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This guy used to hire family and friends to work for city jobs when he was major. He like newsom cheated on their old lady and got caught. His last name was Villa but he added his first wife's last name to it. I believe it was the wife he got busted for cheating on with some Mexican weather lady.

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The leading candidates for governor have said little publicly about how they would fix dire problems in the $77-billion mega-project that has already overrun its initial cost estimate by $44 billion

2033 is ambitious completion date.

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