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That's what dumbasses get for consuming the propaganda bullshit about being anti war and pro peace. The people that sold them that line always intended on wiping them from the face of the earth. Like the authoritarian killers behind the gun grabs.

You can't be the only pacifist in a war against you.

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Your last sentence is very poignant. Ive had the same sentiment for years against the hippy bullshit of go along to get along. Its been war. Its never stopped.

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The people for this massive invasion are the ones that do NOT pay for it.
Politicians, religious leaders, soros.... 
All of them do not PAY for it and are therefore for it.
Normal people that see taxes raised and security issues are AGAINST it...

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implying the UK is a democracy...

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The US isn’t really a democracy or a republic either.

But this isn’t surprising, as we know that the wealthy will always rule the poor.

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. - Prov 22:7

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All true. Still, I believe the US holds the pursuit of the individual to a higher degree than its European counterparts.

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That's the illusion of democracy. People power, power in numbers, is not an illusion. We outnumber our oppressors almost 50 to 1. We could easily dismantle them if we got organized.

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More like 1000 to 1. Four Billion people on the planet and I bet you could argue that there could be less than 5000 actual people making all the decisions around the world.

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Which is precisely why we have no obligation to honor any of the promises made by our government to non-Whites or "allies".

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If voating changed anything they'd abolish it.

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People in the middle of the political spectrum are too concerned with the abortion issue to vote on the immigration issue, or globalism.

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Regrettably, force is sometimes necessary.

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