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"....Evergreen State “will look to cut more than 10 percent from its operating budget for 2018-19 and raise student fees because of declining enrollment.”


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Pay more, get less. That's a great plan that won't ever backfire.

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Now that's fucking based.

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Well it does say in there poster de-colonize and de-industralize. So I guess they are getting what they want?

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So they aren't using their cars are they, those are constructs of the white man, they aren't eating food are they? Reading books, these are all white constructs, they obviously cant use them-right? Oh its ok for thee, but not me. Gotcha. were gonna need bigger boats.

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I don't care if they want to have a life without whites in it. I only wish that we could have the equal rights under the law to do the same and have a life without them in it.

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Yah they are simply thieving lieing hypocrites, otherwise they would be fighting to return to their indigenous countries.

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Yah and what about the buildings, roads, furniture, plumbing, etc, etc, etc,...

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Never hire a single person who went to Evergreen State, nor have any business dealings with them ever.

Make it scarlet letter to have a degree from that shithole indoctrination camp. Watch enrollment plummet.

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They smell bad enough I don't think many people were hiring them even before this.

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I'm seriously asking: according to these nutjobs, how is the average white person being racist now adays? Have they just not emptied their bank accounts directly to POC's or something? I haven't seen even casual racism in public in at least a decade and I live in the south

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The default is that being white by itself is an act of racism, and because whites can not change color, their ultimate sin will never be repented. I can't think of a single other group who would tolerate such blanket smears

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Why do you tolerate it?

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Same! I’m originally from a small southern town: it was and still is great. Racism=zilch

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Because whites are the majority, they are wrong by default. It's Marxism, pure and plain. Whites are the oppressive ruling class; anyone who is not white is a member of the oppressed class. If you are part of the oppressive class you are an oppressor by default even if you have never done anything to target a nonwhite person because of their race.

They're Marxists. Ironically they are the most racist ones in this whole thing because they're making sweeping judgments based solely on skin colour.

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Their tactic is negging negging negging, it’s a bluff, but many caucasians are to naive to see the they are being maliciously extorted. Meanwhile it’s also a cia destabilization progrom that artificially gives it legs, otherwise it would never be in the news and the perpetrators would be squashed.

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Have a no blacks allowed day

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yeah and mirror their event same day, same time same language and give them credit for the idea.

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Have no subsaharan allowed cities.

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What should be done by whites (except quiting this degenerate shitbucket calling itselfe college) is go to the fucking administartion and ask them to change their race to black, sue for double their tuation when they refuse, then use the money to learn a trade.

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Surely that will bring the enrollment numbers back

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Nigs gonna nog. It's a rule of nature. Hopefully there won't be too many white students who are stupid enough to attend an "anti racism" workshop or any of the "white people are welcome" events. What would be fun is trying to get into one of the blacks only events and getting a recording of them saying that they're kicking you out because of your skin colour, and then posting it online for all to see.

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