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Soviet Union: Lithuanians, Russian, Ukrainians, Poles -- you do not exist. You are all part of the global worker's struggle for liberation.

Middle East: There's really no such thing as a Palestinian people.

Modern West: Your culture, heritage doesn't really exist.

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So now I know how to get away with murder. Just start claiming the victim doesn't exist. It would help if I controlled the news media and got them to start saying that.

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Worked for the Turks, for a while at least:


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Germans as a people do not exist

Sooo... Kikes started WW2? I thought as much.

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The left doesn't even have logic anymore. So somehow races don't exist, but some races need more help than others. National identity doesn't exist, except when it's convenient. Gender doesn't exist except when convenient. These people truly are the scum of the earth

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Simpler than that: Relativism. If "race" doesn't exist, then all inequity of someone somebody thinks is another race is due to that somebody else's oppression.

In other words, their Relativism is a religion in which: if we choose to be equal, appreciated, lusted after, high-status, or wealthy, then it must be. Any deviation from our deviantness comes from external forces which we can demonize as "oppression." It is the anti-enlightenment idea of rejecting empericism -- e.g., observations like IQ correlated to race -- in favor of the assertion that a particular ideal must be the natural state.

There is indeed logic in this. The error is manifestly on purpose. This isn't about "waking up" somebody who is so jealous of what you have that they will lie to your face in order to hurt you. This should be about exposing what values they hold. At the worst, exposing their values will stop many cucks from cucking to Western liberalism.

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the only solution to their madness is a curb stomping

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Telegraph that shit on your opponent. Glorified shit slingers.

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It's like people are starting to see why Hitler was so pissed off.......

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Oh definitely. Weimar Germany was incredibly debauched, much like our current society. They show us 'Cabaret' but they don't show the promotion of sodomy and crossdressing... I wonder why?

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Any sources on that? Ya know, for a friend.

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Can we just start violently removing leftists now? I'm tired of waiting.

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As long as the Jew is controlling the money, the left will always come back. Really, though, nobody is going to do anything until a loaf of bread literally costs a million dollars. That's how it worked for Germany.

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Sure, but thats like..your opinion, the mob the garbs you and nooses you up thinks differently, but its ok nobody can be balmed for the massmurders of tritors troughout Germany since Germans (just like Bielefeld) don't exist.

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The same logic would apply to jews. The inventers of communism.

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if Germans don't exist as a people then who is paying billions in hollowcost reparations?

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So I guess they DIDN'T gas the jews? If there are no Germans, how was there a Hall of Cost? : /

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