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So this only has future consequences (election integrity oversight), but nothing will be done about what already happened? These people are scumbag fucks (and in some cases, ramen-headed niggers), judge included.

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I wouldn't put it past the psychopaths to false-flag election tampering. I mean what if Debbie had some confederates destroy ballots when she knew she would lose just to have whoever won deposed? How do we know which way the ballots voted that were destroyed and would they have been enough to sway the outcome?

So someone destroys 1,000 ballots but the person who won the election won by 15,000. Is the 1,000 ballots enough cause to undermine confidence in the election process?

All important questions. One thing is for certain and that is that vote tampering is unacceptable under any circumstances and there needs to be better transparency in the election process. There is no reason why live streaming webcams should not be present in every and all voting locations so long as there is no view of what way individuals are voting. This eliminates touch-screen voting machines.


An attorney for Snipes, Burnadette Norris-Weeks, said she will appeal the decision because the elections office never declined to provide the ballots to Canova, only objected to unreasonable demands.

“It was a mistake [destroying the original ballots], but the ballots were preserved,” Norris-Weeks told the Sun-Sentinel. “They were scanned shortly after the election.”

Canova is now pushing for Snipes to lose her job.

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The penalty for intentional election fraud must be more severe. It should be so terrifying as to make it unthinkable.

It's kindof worse than murder or rape because it's scope is so big.

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I've said this before and I'll say it again.

"Electioneering" is a plan or scheme to cause a particular election result by means other than the free and fair exercise of the electoral franchise.

Electioneering is the quintessential act of treason, and here's why.

Unlike crimes such as murder or rape, which the State prosecutes on behalf of one of its citizens who has been harmed, treason is a crime against the State itself.

In a monarchy, the monarch is the State personified; hence it is treason to plot against the monarch.

In a democratic republic like ours (or at least like ours is supposed to be), the People are the sovereign, and we exercise our sovereign power by selecting leaders to debate and vote on our behalf. Interfering with the way we do this--with the electoral process--is a direct attack upon popular sovereignty. Therefore, electioneering is a treasonous act, and it should be punished as such. If we have to squeeze it into the Procrustean bed that is Art. III Sec. 3 of the Federal Constitution, someone who engages in electioneering makes themselves an enemy of the United States by levying their own private war against popular sovereignty.

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You should give this comment its own thread with a link to another source of the topic submitted in this thread.

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"...levying their own private war against popular sovereignty."

Nicely put.

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"treason is a crime against the State itself"

"the state" is an abstract concept not a tangible thing or person. "the state" cannot be a victim because it does not have the Rights that people have. You should be cautious when prescribing these traits to things that do not have inherently have them.

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In that case invalidate the election and do over.

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This is the real answer, but can you imagine the howling from the Deep State funded actors?

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Of course they were, every non retarded American knew they were. Too bad not a single fucking thing will be done about it.

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The penalty for this sort of thing should be hanging. This is the closest thing to a coup on the government as possible.

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Wasserman-Schultz is a reptile. Just look at that face, what else could it be?

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That's an insult to reptiles. It's more like a virus!

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You've heard of retro viruses? Introducing the repti-virus.

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Broward I mean coward County FL. Same county as the staged school shooting. Cohencidence

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