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Get an old car and learn how to fix it.

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Exactly! Also it's much cheaper and will likely last longer. The cost of such older vehicles is a plus over the over priced new POS that are being produced. Honestly I'd love to get back into an old Chevy step-side, maybe a 70's or late 60's. Swap in a newer motor and 4-Wheel Drive. BAM!!! Cheap bitch to fix!

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I don't know how well this will work in the EU? At some point they will require cars to be fitted with the device.

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They'll just attach some safety requirement or fuel efficiency requirement that the older vehicles cannot meet and then use that as a way to force people into the new systems "for everyone's safety" or "for the enviroment". It's like the whole catalytic converter thing in califagia.

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Old cars are being banned from cities more and more. And I'm not talking 60's old, I'm talking 90's old.

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interesting point, 60s-70s and older cars tend to skip around the bans in a number of countries, they want to ban old wrecks but they don't want to ban some rich guy's vintage rolls royce. A couple of my old motorbikes just got exempted from a load of the rules based upon age.

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What John Deere is doing to the farming community with their proprietary computer software is making their brand new tractors worthless if something minor goes wrong. Nebraska farmers have organized as a result. Manufacturers more and more are trying to make self-repair cost prohibitive.

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Currently looking for a Jeep cj pre 1974. Plenty out there, just gotta pull the trigger.

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Would be a great second car but I wouldn't count on it getting me to work everyday.

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Your phone already does this

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It's just incase you forget your phone.

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when you build surveillance state there is no such a thing as to much information. it's always hungry for more. it becomes paranoid and always looks for people that want to challenge it's existence. then it disappear them.

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Yeah, but you can leave your phone at home. There's only so much ground you can travel without a car.

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Remember that old car that still runs but doesn't have all the modern bells and whistles? Yeah, don't sell it. It will be worth its weight in gold someday if you keep it going.

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Until they stop selling gas, you will have to put a wood gasifier in the trunk

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Not going to happen unless electric cars develop some miracle battery.

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Thatll happen long after you and I are dead

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I still wanna know how to disable the fucking whatever it is that makes it so the seatbelt has to be plugged in or the radio mutes.

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Go to a junk yard and cut a seat belt clasp off a belt and click it into the slot and leave it there permanently.

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Not wearing a set belt is dangerous fellas fyi

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You know you can go to the auto dealer and get a,seat belt extension for the fatties for free, right?

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Or get a bike obese americans

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There is a way, google it.

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There is a way. Web search it.

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If its a ford there is a sequence you can do to shut it off, I used to drive with a person who didn't use a seat belt and the beeper would piss me off.

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It is a Ford. You don't happen to know the sequence do you?

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Just call the E.U. an "open air prison" and forgo all the pretense of pretending to be a union of countries.

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Oops, it broke. Weird. Why, no, I don't know anything about those hammer-shaped holes in it.

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You know those systems can "accidentally" malfunction? As always, it's just a question of your own knowledge. Welcome to Voat.

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good time to invest in motorcycle vendors.

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Or learn to build bikes. Ones without the motors

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Bikes have the same shit as cars.

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