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Kevin MacDonald is ten times the conservative, nationalist voice that Peterson is. I can tell you what's going on with Peterson's disinclination to talk about the "Jewish question" -- he doesn't want to wreck the gravy train he's stumbled onto. He's a celebrity! He wrote a book to capitalize on his sudden celebrity status among nationalists and conservatives, and he's making good money. More important, he has the hope of making a whole lot more money in the future. He isn't going to queer that up by talking honestly about Jews. It's the same reason Alex Jones won't talk honestly about the Jews or Israel. They are protecting their careers. I don't blame Kevin MacDonald for feeling contempt for Peterson's display of disengenuous, hypocritical cowardice. MacDonald has always had the balls to stand up and speak truth about the Jews.


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It really turned me against JP. In this day and age if someone cant talk honestly about jews then I don't trust them.


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Pretty sure JP is a jew.

First hint to me was, fine he doesn't want to point out jewish control in various fields like banking and so on, but he flatly refuses to go into detail concerning communism being entirely a jewish invention. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=03ITkUiyPVA


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What do you think of Israel and Iran?


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If he had talked honestly about Jews early on you would have never heard of him.. do I agree with everything he says no. Do I think he is helping more then he is hurting the conservative side yes. Is he helping young men become better men? Yes.. is he putting feminist and lgbt fuckint idiots in their place during debates yes.. if he had openly talked about the jq none of the progress he has made would have happend.. idiots like you who think you can stand up and expose the jew with out consequences... well you are an idiot. Hopefully one day we can but we are not even close to that day.


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Voluntarily controlled opposition. He’s smart enough to know, so he does. He will tell the truth 95% of the time. The other important pieces to the puzzle will disturb his shekel collection.


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I'm actually reading A Dangerous Method right now and I agree on Freud. He made it his work to recruit doting, spellbound students who were willing to go on and proselytize in his name, without question. A quote from Jung's memoirs:

[on one of Freud's dreams] I interpreted it as best I could, but added that a great deal more could be said about it if he would supply me with some additional details from his private life. Freud's response to these words was a curious look - a look of utmost suspicion. Then he said, "But I cannot risk my authority!" At that moment he lost it altogether. That sentence burned itself into my memory, and in it the end of our relationship was already foreshadowed. Freud was placing personal authority above truth.


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lost me when Dr. faggot started whining about being shaken by criticism. Boo hoo.


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"White" is not an identity you dullard. Within Europe there are numerous ethnic groups that have pale skin and have a long history of conflict against one another.

It's rather sad that all of these "identitarians" don't seem to understand this and engage in this historically ignorant, reductionist idiocy.

If you want to save "Western Culture" there's a huge amount of value in doing so, but making it about "white" vs. non-white is absurd.


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Well I'm Irish and the British where shitting on the Irish worse then American where shutting on blacks.. well I'm American old heritage is irish.. but I know the history and its brutal.