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It's not bullshit, because there was a concerted campaign against "overpopulation" for decades, even after devestating wars. Even while economics well-being increased and people spent more time on themselves than creating families. And the pride with which westerners talk about abortion can be chilling.

How much responsibility belongs to Jews is a separate matter from the population replacement itself.


[–] Schreiber 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago  (edited ago)

This is why you need to purge all progressives, and not be fixated on "muh democracy."

Right-wing authoritarianism is what Europe needs.

Leftist ideology is dangerous, and needs to be repressed at all cost, instead of going the "muh free speech" route.


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Dr. Schreiber has given us the prescription to cure (((what))) ails us.

Now go do it. Join the rallies for nationalist candidates, and vote for them. Join the anti-migrant marches and whatever else it takes. It's time to take back what the (((elites))) have stolen. The time is now.