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This. This is what finally redpilled me months ago. Looking at the chess board of the Atlantic and realizing that there were too many coincidences.


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It's also a cohencidence that the founders of the EU were pro-Lenin communists.


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The "stop having children" thing is bullshit.

The more educated any group of people is, the lesser kids they spawn, this is just factual data that is true in every country. The same exact thing is happening among the educated jews as well.

For the second part, that's just the shit globalist kikes like those bankers and their puppets such as mrs Spectre spout. Netanyahu has been telling EU to close their damn border for decades. The jew who got stabbed by mussies in Europe certainly didn't ask for more mussies. There are plenty of jews in EU "closed border" nationalist parties in European country. And Israel's closest European ally is Hungary.

Confirmation bias makes you look dumb as fuck. There are many evil things that jews did, but mostly were by being exploitative towards goys. Are jews responsible for EU immigration problem? Yes, definitely, many jews are behind that shit, along with their corrupt goyim partner in crimes. But saying that all jews are responsible while giving free passes to goyim who sold out their own country in exchange for shekels is just straight up stupid.


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It's not bullshit, because there was a concerted campaign against "overpopulation" for decades, even after devestating wars. Even while economics well-being increased and people spent more time on themselves than creating families. And the pride with which westerners talk about abortion can be chilling.

How much responsibility belongs to Jews is a separate matter from the population replacement itself.


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You said "educated Jews" but they have a pure, orthodox core that breeds super fast, we do not.

Concentric rings, growing outward, replenishing them.

It's in David dukes book, basic work everyone here should know. You shouldn't be writing gigantic comments like that here if you haven't read "my awakening", as you don't really know the score, and thus spread poor information. No offense...

But read everything by Yockey, Hitler, Mussolini, Duke, Oliver, Pierce, Strom, Mason and a few others I'm forgetting (it's late here lol)... The basics, to know the enemy we are facing. Then comment.


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Papers please!


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Excellent reply.