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It is so true.

It’s an absolute embarrassment what is happening right now to Trump.

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It's not an "embarrassment", it's treason since a foreign agent is involved. Bring out the nooses.

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Her mic is not even pluged in

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The interview was not recorded. She demanded to be off the record and the head of the FBI complied willingly.

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It is time that WE THE PEOPLE grab our pitchforks and bibles and kill the deep state for the world and all mankind.

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I'm cool with the pitchfork, but fuck your bible. ( I will still stand right beside you, though.)

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kinda had to add the bible part part because they say all we do is cling to our guns and our bibles. I would not want to let them down. Plus getting whacked in the face with the good book when your evil must burn.

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Picture should have the media behind mueller saying those words.

I don't think mueller has made any claims towards trump.

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I don't think mueller has made any claims towards trump.

Hasn't been caught publicly saying it, or it hasn't been leaked yet. But it will. Mueller is in the Clinton's pocket.

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source: my ass


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He was forced to act, with over whelming evidence being shoved onto his desk from more than one agency and he used his executive position and decades long personal relationship with Clinton to squash the shit out of it and give her co-conspirators a free pass. If he isn't her biggest fan, then he is her most loyal employee.

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Not to mention tainting any jury by proclaiming her innocence on national TV. Still a jaw-dropping moment for me... listing her crimes, then saying no charges would be pressed. Huge red pill.

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That was him throwing a bone

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eat the bone while the rabies eats your brain

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Yeah, it was a few days really.

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Bodycam police video of the raid on Paddocks room in MB shows no broken windows. Big happening. Media story released at the time of the massacre btfo. That video proves it was a deepstate false flag. A girl went around 45 minutes earlier warning the people they were all going to die. He bought 33 guns 33 the number of the Free Masons. Bruce was arrested for cp Stephen had cp and comped Sushi is slang for cp. And logs and lots of reports of multiple shooters and multiple locations. All so Route 91 at 10/1. 91101. 9/11/01. 33 is important to the occult too.

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