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But he was a cult leader

Umm 1st amendment protects religion.

He had automatic guns!

And the 2nd protects that...

So why did the government kill people?


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The FBI are duplicitous murderers, that's why.


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Because the Clinton's told them to end it.

Coincidentally, 2 of Clinton's ex bodyguards died during the raid, seemingly from friendly fire. You cannot make this shit up.


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https://archive.fo/DlUhi :

Waco 25 years later: Interest in David Koresh, cult leader, still strong

'I don’t think that was fair,” added Ressetar, who was a teen working as a store clerk when she first heard Blackhawk helicopters headed to the Mount Carmel complex. '

'A shootout ensued that left four ATF agents and six Branch Davidians dead. '

'Twenty-five years after the siege, interest in what happened outside Waco — and who’s to blame — remains immense. '

'Some dubbed Koresh the “wacko from Waco,” a term the Rev. '

'That was their crazy idea.”But the FBI refused to view the Branch Davidians as sincere believers convinced through deep Bible study that Koresh was a final prophet, Tabor said. '

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