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So... niggers being niggers? The most racist people on the planet.

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The new America that I'm looking forward to, is the America where two or three white men also jump in and beat the black off those monkeys...

And all the while not giving a fuck who's recording. Because who gives a shit if the liberal media makes it about race.

Because it fucking is about race.

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Your America sounds better than MLKs. If you noticed there was no thinking or discussion, but an immediate reaction like army ants (edit-on Purple Drank) of nearby black men to attack the non-black.

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That's kind of an insult to army ants.

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If you're white and don't carry then you deserve this.

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Unless you're licensed to be armed, and approved to be armed by your security company and the client you're protecting, you're going to be unarmed, as most security are. Even carrying an ASP or OC spray is not your decision, nor is carrying a gun . . .

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Colin Flaherty's take on it.

Edit- Every white man in here, take notice of those fb comments. If you aren't in fighting shape, if you don't get armed, you're nothing more than a statistic waiting to happen.

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That security guard broke rule number one... Around Blacks, Never Relax!!

Niggers are wild animals, you don't hang around arms reach of dangerous animals. Always know your exit. Never let one into your blind spot. As long as you can maintain eye contact they lack the ability to attack. Ass cheeks clenched, Posture upright...preferably armed.

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Just typical nigger behavior