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Yes we do.

In the most sincere way possible, I'm extremely interested in hearing your thoughts on how we can go about making that a reality.

Care to share?


[–] JesusRules 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Russia nukes Israel, revenge for the (((Bolshevik Revolution))) resulting in the deaths of 60 million Russian Christians


[–] Tallest_Skil 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Can you imagine if Russia did a preemptive strike on Israel while simultaneously presenting proof through documents to the UN, live on television, that jews were not only responsible for the Russian Revolution, for the genocide of the 60 million, and for the destruction of the whole of Eastern Europe, BUT ALSO PROOF THAT IT WAS DONE BECAUSE THEY WERE JEWS (tying the crimes to their religion)? But that causes a problem. We know that it was jews who did it, and we know that they did it because they were jews, but... the ONLY acceptable behavior, in recourse to this, is the genocide of jews. Now... Russia attacking Israel HAS to imply a genocide, otherwise they’d have no real reason to do the attack. What, they’re just going to leave some alive? So maybe not attack Israel.

Maybe arrest all jews in Russia, seize all their assets, deport them to Israel, and block all jewish immigration to Russia. That causes a mirror of 1933 Germany, and causes Russia to be boycotted by basically every nation. That hurts them–a lot–BUT all of Eastern Europe, Italy, and Germany DEPEND on Russian fuel. They CAN’T boycott, so Russia just goes into “hunker down” mode. Never mind that with Russia releasing proof that communism is judaism, all of Eastern Europe goes hyper-ethnonationalist, some of them also deport their jews, and they might even do a full boycott of Israel, too.

Now, whether the start of that scenario actually happens is up in the air. It would be the most radical geopolitical action since... 1991. The fall of the USSR in the first place. But I don’t think that the subsequent series of events are implausible in ANY way. Military strikes on Israel? Impossible. But what’s listed above? Pretty spot on. And it would be... poetic, I think, to see the former Comintern united once again, except diametrically against the jew. Again, it’s up in the air. But, well, Russia did announce this recently...