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Let me see what Israel has done for us. They dragged us into World War I & World War II, funded both sides of wars. Stolen our labor by unpegging the dollar from gold, rigged the financial markets, murdered many world leaders to install their own puppets... I can't think of anything positive Israel has done for us. I say cut 'em loose. Let them fight their own fucking wars.

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Anyone of any race who is not jewish should never sacrifice anything for jews. They view all goyim as animals and slaves and say that the difference between a jew and a goy is greater than the difference between a goy and a cow.

Humans needs to rise up against the jews who exploit us through their banking system.

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Except some of those goyims benefit from selling out fellow goys in exchange of power and shekels. Just ask all these progressive goyim politicians.

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... used their spying apparatus for insider trading and stole all worthwhile intellectual property. They aren't the innovators that people think they are.

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Yes. That is what the apparatus is really for: cheating and extortion. Because (((they))) can't win playing fair.

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When looking into why we are allies, the only real positive I see is that we share intelligence. Mossad know everything that happens in the middle east, and we want in on it. But politically, many Americans support Israel, as well as the (((elites.)))

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The way I see it, there is no difference between the US and Israel.

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What about the fact that less than 5 countries in the world are actually independent and the rest are Israeli puppet or allies?

If you're not Israeli ally then you will be fucked.... look at what happened to Syria, or even Iraq and Afghanistan in the past when they all refused to bow their head to the jewish hegemon. Trump never had a choice, people criticizing Trump are just keyboard warriors who I bet won't have the balls and would also such jewish cocks in order to avoid being JFK'ed if they are the one being president.

Honestly I can see that Trump is a sincere American nationalist who's trying to do the best he can for America short of getting assassinated by the cabal.

Face it, the truth is that jews are too powerful now because dumb christians in the past gave jews power to print money and now jews can buy off or threaten literally every goyim.

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The sampson option is literally saying they will nuke us if we don't come to their defense.

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Israel has stated in the past that if we don't defend it, it will be bad for us. What good friends

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'Member when Trump told South Korea that "its been a long time for them to pay us for our security from North Korea" well now look at israel getting checks from us while we defend them.... *shekel hoarding intensifies

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This shit should be met by fucking millions of militias. goddamned motherfuckers

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No more blood for Israel or oil no more pointless wars in the middle east.

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American troops are seeing through the bullshit are are refusing to go to war for the kikes.

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