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Kind of reminds me of a story a Serbian friend told me about when he was in the Serbian navy. Who knew Serbia had a navy either! Their captain was completely drunk off his ass and decided he wanted to attack a Russian aircraft carrier with their little gunboat for some reason. Obviously, they talked him out of it somehow, and didn't get charged with mutiny. The captain probably had no memory of the incident afterward.

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"irish navy"? Surprised they can stay sober enough to pilot a ship

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There was actually a scandal about that a few years ago, but I gather drunkenness is a problem in most navies.

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Drunkness is always a problem for the US military in Korea. If N. Korea wanted to strike, the weekends of Christmas, New Years, and Labor Day, would be the points of the lowest readiness.

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Sounds like a Monty Python skit with John Cleese as the Captain and Eric idle as the XO of the boat.

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Disrupt? You mean give them a lift back to Ireland where they will rape your women and children, and get free everything.

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Ireland is a cucked nation, at least from the point of view of the Capital Dublin, which has inherited the SJW heavy attitute in colleges and youth. The amount of pro abortion shit there at the moment is disgusting, gateway to evil that city is.

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I'm actually surprised the anti campaign is putting up such a fight. Can't tell if US conservatives are pouring money into the country to counter Soros or people here are actually waking up.

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I hope they're not picking up the migrants and shipping them to Ireland...

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They're sure as hell not shipping them back to Libya.

I'd imagine they're dropping them off in Italy: They can import more of them that way.