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Welp, his life is forfeit for speaking up like that.

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Not his life. They lives of everyone he holds dear.

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Let's all illegally immigrate to Mexico and vote for him!

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Americans should run away to mexico and start making american food there. They export tacos, we should export hamburgers.

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We should get all sorts of government assistance and make them translate all their government forms an stuff into English and stuff, too!

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I wonder how many days this guy has to live?

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The only way Mexico is going to become even remotely stable and not have influx of Illegals coming into their border and leaving into ours is by 2 possible ways.

1 They the People of Mexico go to war with the cartels and all evil gangs that plague the nation.

2 Mexico becomes part of the United States and then the President of the United States sends in the Army to eradicate all gang members entirely.

That's it. Ohh and maybe stop worshiping that devil voodoo black magic garbage. Worshiping Satan doesn't help.

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More mutual respect between American and Mexicans would exist if only we enforce fairness