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There never admitted once to any under age girls and it never was described as a party... I like the video but attention grabbing whorish behaviour sucks especially when it's a fucking lie.

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The title here appears to be clickbait whorish but let's examine the fact that it just boiled it down to what happened.

Read the title again. It's about Trey's response to 'discovering' this. One could trim this video down considerably and showcase that exact bit but frankly for me it wouldn't have the rich context of video around it. After all, I don't have all the time in the world to fanboy Trey and all the Congressional hearings. Who does? Someone should. I digress.

As far as getting down to the rat killing, nope, nobody openly admitted it. But they sure talked about how that 'thing' quacked like duck, walked like a duck, ate and shit like a duck. It's pretty easy to extrapolate there a fucking duck involved somewhere in the ballpark. Agent's aren't supposed to be out fucking ducks on the taxpayer's and drug cartel's dime.

Nevertheless the clear winner is 'muh sexual harassment'.

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Good points.. I liked the video so all good

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Just imagine if he knew how many of our servicemen, home and abroad, are either crossing the border for underage pussy, such as in the case with those stationed near Mexico, or just leave their bases, such as in the Philippines, or Taiwan.....

Had a relative who liked underage pussy in Vietnam so much he never came home for longer than for a quick visit, ran a whorehouse there till the day he died...

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Sounds like a great entrepreneur.

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Another reason why all drugs need to be 100% legal, untaxed, unregulated and why all DEA agents need to meet the same fate as Hank from BREAKING BAD.

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Agreed and upvoted.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=xjZB08r4Y6s :

Trey Gowdy Finds Out DEA Holds Underage Sex Parties - YouTube

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Day of the rope is upon us. These people are a disgrace

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The day of the hope.

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"Day of the rope?" Funny, I have never heard the phrase

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You must be new here.

It's an event that was outlined in SIEGE? Or something like that by James Mason.

Anyway, while you're here and all brand new, /u/Diggernicks ' girlfriend is readily available for plowing. If you're into guys, he'll always take a dick up his ass.

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New here eh? Delusional fags always going on about how they'll rise up and crush whatever group the current thread is complaining about. It'll happen the same day they roll out the cure for cancer and/or Satan builds a snowman in hell.

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The Fed is do chock-full of evil degenerates & otherwise unemployable affirmative action rejects (niggers, fags, wetbacks) it’ll take a war or major disaster to clear them out.

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Why did you write such a title, zyklon?

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It was off a video and I linked the wrong one but started getting views so I left it up.

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