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Good bot

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Neural Adaptation intensifies

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fuck imgur

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Comprehensive strategy for Syria = Bomb Israel off the map.

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and Saudi

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Is comprehensive strategy is the new euphemism for ground war?

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Why you against comprehensive strategy? /s

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You have to admit, though, "we need a comprehensive strategy" sounds a whole lot less arbitrary than "we have no idea what the strategy would even look like!"

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"We have no idea what Trumps strategy looks like."

"We need a war plan to budget the next century."

"How are we going to inform the opponents if we don't know the play book?"

Etc. Lot of possibilities, not really sure which one is accurate.

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The Deep State needs a diversion for the Hillary Huma video.

I suspect a thermal nuclear detonation in America will stop the horror of Elitist entry fees paid that require more than just human dignity, but death of innocence.

Fuck Pedowood and the DC swamp rats who protect the same feral animals with the blood of children.

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The Israeli's/jews sent out their letter for all medias to read.

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Look at all these vultures. So bloodthirsty and eager. Comprehensive Strategies sounds like a blackop department. Its like everyone met for brunch underneath the owl and fantasized about their next war campaign.

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