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Couldnt Trump have asked to see these as soon as he got in the white house?

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Sure, he could have? Ignoring that he has zero direct authority over Columbia University, it would have been phenomenally stupid in terms of politics. Far better to have this happen organically.

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jewish bankers hired an actor to run for presidential election, woodrow wilson, he won. One of his goals was to pass the 1913 federal reserve act, he did. This enslaves tax payers to the owners of the federal reserve, their wealth grew insanely from this. They own and control the media and much else, the USA is an oligarchy, the elections are for show, the government is a soap opera to distract you while they do whatever they want.

individualism is suicide.

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It's not surprising that no one has come forward with any photos of him. My former classmates from the 80's and 90's probably don't have any photos of me apart from whatever official photos were published by the schools. Even actual friends aren't likely to have any. It wasn't like today where everyone has a cell phone camera constantly taking photos. Photos cost money back then, and took extra effort to get them developed and printed unless you had a Polaroid.

It's interesting that no one can find any teachers who remembered him. Both Obama and Soetero are unusual names that you'd think people would notice as unusual and remember seeing the names before.

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If anyone remembers that, they might also know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.