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This is treason, that has spread to every facet of our government.

They remain complicit in treason. EVEN NOW.

As police officers, they have betrayed the trust given to them and made themselves complicit to what they refuse to prosecute. This is WORSE than the crime.

We HAVE COME to a point where law won't remedy injustice.

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Keep in mind that on 21 December 2017, Trump declared a state of national emergency because of human trafficking and CORRUPTION.

Our DoJ is full of Obongo's cucked judges, but our military is fully prepared to tolerate no bullshit if they are asked to conduct trials.

Military tribunals are super-efficient at handing out justice to traitors. They don't even require the accused to be present. Fast trials. Quick executions.

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From your lips to God's ear

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The Clinton cabal is bulletproof. They've got enough dirt on the powers that be they will get a free pass for life. Dumbo, Loretta and Co, Holder, Comey and the rest of the rats can fuck over America at will, they've already proven it. My biggest disappointment in Trump is he seems powerless to end it, he has the power, but does he have the will? Time will tell but the swamp is in danger of growing, not being drained.

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The Clinton cabal is bulletproof.


Trump is dismantling their machine as we speak.

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Need evidence. Every one of those criminals are walking the street except Weiner, and he's not even in jail on the most serious of charges, treason and sedition.

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They're building more machines just as fast if not faster than he's dismantling them.

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But its coming unraveled-you can't hold lies together forever-its like a hole in the damn that keeps getting bigger, all they can do is hope to die before they get caught

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Getting really tired of reading all the info & proof of these fuckin peoples crimes & treason with ZERO being done about it. Not to stick up for the obstinate niggars from starbucks but the were arrested just for LOITERING. When will the serious criminal pricks get theirs? Probably never. Unfuckinbelievable what their getting away with

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I'm surprised weiner even got charged with anything.

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Or that he’s still alive

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That was a real shocker.

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I don't understand how Travy Beanz is so good at digging into legal documents, uses that to expose Clinton allies, and youtube still recommends her videos to me. I would expect youtube to bury her work.

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Obama and all his cronies should be executed

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black career criminal that died due to bad health and resisting arresting vs demons that rape, torture, and murder children

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Threaten to investigate the HSBC 1.2 billion dollar fiasco that comey and lynch were behind.

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