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We have our military guarding S.Koreas border, Germanys border, and Im sure many other borders that escape me at the moment. Seems kind of pointless to have such a strong military and not use it to defend our own damned border.

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Apache's shoot hellfire missiles (and rockets and stuff) Tomahawks are far too heavy for AH-64's

(I sexually identify as an attack helicopter... respect my cannon!)


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Black Rifle Coffee.

Their whole bean coffee subscription can't be beat.


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Not the cartels, the mercenaries.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't border integrity been the primary reason countries have ever maintained a military to begin with? Besides the Chinese Empire obviously, they had a bitchin' wall.


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A couple years ago I took some courses at a community college. I would wear this tshirt that drove some of the mentally unbalanced liberals bat shit crazy. The front posed the question, What makes a country ? On the back the answer BORDERS LANGUAGE CULTURE !
I actually had this old hag professor tell me that my shirt was offensive and disruptive and I should not wear it. I told her if I was threatened with dismissal I would take it to court and fight for my constitutional rights. I think they're so used to people caving in to their bullying that they dont know what to do when someone tells them to fuck off.


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Sadly the wall never worked for the Chinese. The Mongolians regularly broke through. The strength of a fortification is inverse to its size. Having the military at the border is what we should be doing all the time. People are the best deterrent.


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and Im sure many other borders that escape me at the moment.

$3.1B of your tax dollars (annually) is guarding Israel's border right now. Just think, we could have paid for our own border wall with what we forked out to the kikes for theirs, this year alone.


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Trump is sending biddlions to Israel. Fuck us.