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It in no way promotes it. That would be amendments 1-10

The 13th amendment does allow slavery as a punishment by the state.

Learn to read.


[–] Dysnomia 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

3rd - allows quartering troops in your home during wartime

4th - allows judges processes to search and seize your property for "reasons"

5th - enables grand juries (who can imprison people for years without even accusations of crimes) also enables eminent domain and "due" process. Double jeopardy doesn't count if the jury is hung.

6th - imposes the judicial system on alleged criminals

8th - allows fines, bail, and punishment for alleged crimes

9th and 10th - remind everyone that the government is your owner.

It's a fucking laugh seeing you nazis with your beloved magic documents you think give people rights to be assholes. No. God gave you the right to be assholes and he also gave you the right to kill assholes.


[–] edistojim ago 

You seriously need to take a basic civics class, maybe a political science course wouldn't hurt either.