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The argument I've made about this bill is that I don't see how it will stop any sort of firearm violence at all. My reason is this: I'm 38 and grew up in the Northeast part of Vermont. Back then, I remember fellow students having rifles & shotguns in their vehicles, especially during hunting season. We grew up around it, and never thought twice about it. We didn't worry about people getting mad, going out to their vehicles, grabbing one and bringing it in to shoot someone. Now, the argument of the "assault rifle" platform... the Armalite platform was owned by some of these same individuals, and the hunting restriction was only using a 5-round magazine (hunting no more than 5). Same gun, same issue. We didn't give a shit.

What's changed? I think it comes down to the devaluation people place on human life. Movies, video games, the NEWS, has gotten a lot more graphic. I don't blame any one thing, IMHO people who say it's video games are idiots... but it makes me wonder if through the observation of violence, people have become more aggressive towards one another and with kids feeling there's no way out of a situation, copycat some other murderer they see getting tons of press in the news..

TLDR: Grew up remembering in HS people having guns at school. Knives too... we didn't give a shit. Is the real question not the firearm itself but our views on violence and the desensitization of it which has lead to more shootings?


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I blame the medication that every single shooter has been on. People suffering from depression tend to not be violent until you put them on an SSRI.