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This particular one wasn't wildly crazy until he got the hormones, then went from slightly weirdo big muscular bloke in a dress and blond wig who wished he was a woman to "i'm coming down now and I'm gonna kill you all" in just a couple of days. Without the hormones he would not have threatened me because he had no reason, we had no disagreement he was just someone from day staff at the place where I was night staff, and also most people round here know better than to threaten me because that's never ended well for anyone.

I would love to post the video of the incident, it's hilarious, but I'd be doxing myself in a rather dangerous manner, pretty sure someone would try to find a way to use it against me.


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By adding a lot of a substance that isn't found in high numbers in your body, you are adding a lot of hormone and hormone precursors up and down stream. It's not natural and your body does not like it. Changes that rapid are bound to affect you drastically in all sorts of ways. I'd be curious to know what studies have been done on the long term effects of mental health, the effects on breast and testicular cancers, etc.