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^^^^^^^^^^^^ Literal faggot. Pushing jewish lies. Trying to claim that being a queer is healthy and normal. Thinks that white nationalist traditionalists will accept queers in society. Trying to get some cheap CCP so that he can post his spam more. Don’t fall for it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

EDIT: Fuck, not you, Dishing. The guy to which I’m DIRECTLY replying.


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Post your edit.

What are you on about? I think I know. Shills are a problem.

But, did you watch the video I posted? It's pretty relevant.


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Sorry; I was replying to Panther there, but my post wound up below yours, and it looked like the arrows ^^^^^^^ were perhaps pointing to you. I wanted to clarify that it wasn’t about you.

You’re absolutely right about your post. The current system of power can thrive only on the ignorance of the people. Since the Civil Rights Act, specifically, the Constitution has not been taught in US schools. Three generations of people have grown up NOT KNOWING WHAT THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY EVEN ARE, and so we have had absolutely no rule of law AT ALL since the late 1970s. The destruction of the rule of law began in roughly 1913.