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Invest in crypto got it


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Buy Cryptocurrencies and reduce ((( Brad Sherman's ))) control over you!


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Yes and No. The problem is the government is fully aware of cryptocurrency and how it effects their control over the gen pop. Right now cryptocurrency is not large enough (not enough people/businesses) use it for major action to occur. If me, you and johnny from down the street start using it and accepting it (promotions to use crypto at our businesses) we're continuing to grow a community (fuck the greenback) that the government dislikes.

There are a few reasons why crypto is dangerous. For starters, "invest in crypto" (your words), does this mean you should buy it, hold onto it and then sell it for a profit? This is not how a currency grows and will cause it to stagnate and devalue -- to grow a currency it needs more use. Next, it does not have immediate processing for 'large' transactions. Do you like going to a store, purchasing something for $500 and having to wait 2 hours for the transaction to approve? Finally, the infrastructure to use bitcoin is government dependent. Internet is controlled by government via corporations --- what if it starts taking 10 minutes to download a page from any website that accepts btc? Electricity, that damn electrical grid.... The last red flag is zero known businesses/corps accept bitcoin. It's privately owned places like Jimbo's Pizzeria and Becky's Bikes who are on the bandwagon. If any large franchise or business starts accepting crypto that is good news.

Case Study: Silk Road. Why did the alphabet jackets care? Well we know the CIA is balls deep in the drug trade and my guess is the Silk Road began cutting 1-2% (maybe less, maybe more) into their net. When it was 0.1-0.2% (maybe less/more) I am sure they noticed but it was not large enough of a loss for them to take the time/money/effort to take it down.


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Invest in crypto 4 years ago got it


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6 years ago for me :D