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When I was a kid in high school, we had a sit in I the cafeteria to protest the school outsourcing the cafeteria workers and bus drivers and letting go all of the current ones. We were told we'd be marked absent if we stayed. Well at that point, my friends and I left school, found our beer stash on the back roads, and got hammered at 9am. Later once I sobered up I got bored and went back to school.

Point being, half of these kids across the country that are walking out, don't give a shit one way or the other, they're just taking the opportunity to not have to sit in class


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Ding, ding, ding! Yup my kid said that 5 walked out of their class and the room became quieter. Also none of the kids in the honors and AP courses walked out. So it was only dumb asses and miscreants that walked out.


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Yeah my HS Calculus teacher would use anything like this as an excuse to give a pop quiz. 0 if you weren't there. No senior skip day in his class.


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Exactly. I made a comment yesterday saying how this was an organized walk OUT because that's easier to manufactur than a sit IN (which would be more logical given the issue at hand). It's all bullshit.


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Oh no we don't have to sit and class, can go outside and fuck around, maybe have a smoke and watch some YT with my friends.


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That as may be , but it will not stop the sociopaths in our government using "the children"-in this case, the walkouters-as an excuse to pass the anti Second Amendment bills they've been dying to pass for decades.

They really and truly hate us, as much as the EU elites hate their citizenries.


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The only truth.