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My idea for elections:

  • Election Day should be a federal holiday with in-person voting, photo ID, paper ballots, and blue/purple finger dye.
  • Voter registration should be purged annually and re-registration (like your car's license plate) required. Registration should close 2 weeks prior to any election.
  • No early voting. Everyone votes on election day. With Election Day as a federal holiday, the polls should be open for 24 hours opening and closing at midnight. As a federal holiday, most businesses would close anyway.
  • Paper ballots should be fill in the circle, feed into scanner by the voter which immediately validates it. Then paper ballot sealed and inserted into ballot box with the voter's finger dyed immediately.
  • Absentee ballots should be unmarked and brought to any local election office in-person if inside the US and the process certified as above. Outside the US, should be done at US Embassy/consulate, US military post, or similar gov't agency that can preserve the integrity of the ballot.
  • If it takes a week or so to count the votes, so be it. The integrity of the vote is more important than speed.