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Protesting by ditching class... You could probably get the same amount of kids ditching class to be pro-Second-Amendment, kids will use any excuse to ditch class, especially if they can then claim it's for a "good cause" and not face repercussion.

I wonder how many kids would show up, to protest, if they held a protest on the weekend during their free time.

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Exactly. A field trip with goodies and they don't have to go to school? What teenager would say no to that?

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Exactly right. This is propaganda in action.

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The biggest mass shooting in US history was perpetuated by the Govt. at Wounded Knee after disarming the Native Americans there. My 17 y/o cousin had never even heard of it. Public School indoctrination these days folks...

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I was thinking about this last night and wondering how humans have been able to simultaneously learn from history and advance our technology while ignoring history and repeating colossal mistakes from the past.

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Or the 262+ million murders by governments last century alone.

Governments could be the leading cause of death if they get their way.

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indians were killed though, not people.

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I enjoy being like a sixteenth not person, it lets me tell the libtards that think mexicants should be freely welcomed since the white man took america from my ancestors.

I can then remind them that its because my brown ancestors had no concept of border control or immigration laws that they are now practically an endangered species put in reserves in "their own land".

But also that my white ancestors didnt invade shit, they were basically welcomed freely, they purchased land for the asking price of beads and whatever bullshit savages lust after, mmmm firewater and itchy blankets.

And then after an actual country was founded and borders and law created, that my other white ancestors from all over legally immigrated, they didnt hop the border and demand welfare, they came over, registered as immigrants, and got fuckin jobs.

So i dont wanna hear any bullshit about the indians, cuz stfu i am one, and i learned from their open borders mistake, and i dont want to hear any shit about early american irish, german, English, dutch, etc. because for the most part they came legally and worked for their places.

Edit: PS i upvoted you cuz yea, stupid savages. Sticksnstones, i aint gonna melt. Niggerfaggots

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Talk about brainwashed! They're coming for everyone. Oh, you thought your race was special? Thats so cute. You think you're special.

Watching the racists get used by the Elite is just as funny as watching the libtards that want to take the guns. Bunch of brainwashed zombies.

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I love today's entitled youth. Can't vote. Don't pay taxes. Ditch class. Still think they are worthy of determining the validity of constitutional rights.

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They're pawns being manipulated, nothing more nothing less. Don't fall for the devisive manipulation CNN and the deep state has been pushing.

Kids at that age have zero power in their lives, so how they are perceived by their peers is a huge driving force in their motivations. This makes them incredibly vulnerable and susceptible. We are witnessing a psyop at a massive scale.

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Agreed. This whole bullshit thing is a massive psyop and these kids are pawns. They're not all falling for it though trust me.

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No, it’s because they’re not white and non-whites don’t give a shit about gun rights. Liberty in general is a white European idea.

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Considering how many students tweeted that they were being forced by their teachers to participate in these marches, I would worry more about the teachers than the students.

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Chuck Schumer and Richard Blumenthal on stage at the protest in DC

I would definitely worry about them, too.

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Better yet learn the every man is innately endowed with every right, and that governments have no natural rights. A government should be a system of agreements to develop a framework to impartially determine when an individual has infringed the rights of another. It acts only under the right and authority of its constituents and only where defined by law. That any government that does not hold all individuals exactly equal under the law is illegitimate tyranny (every man has every right except where he infringes anothers).

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Know where Generation Z actually is politically. The teachers unions and leftist activists are driving this, this is astroturfing.

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Who told you Gen Z are conservatives ? I hear this all the time and honestly, I don't see any of it.

I do agree that the entire movement is Astroturfing but isn't it Gen Z devouring Tide pods and spending 5 hours a day checking their Instagram?

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Tide pods are an isolated thing. The Bro Army is coming to save the White race, PewDiePie is our new Fuhrer.

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It’s just that people around here are stupid. Gen-Z whites are conservative, but they’re basically a minority. Gen-Z as a whole are leftists like all non-whites. The fact that most whites, even far right people on voat, still think of the US as a white country is one of the reasons we’re losing.

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Last I knew it meant you couldn't even impede. It was obvious even taxes on gun ownership were infringements. Seems like they are trying to change the definition.

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I saw these marches on t.v. nothing but jews and niggers, not a single white face in the crowd

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