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This guy didn't want President Trump allowed in England, and then he comes to the U.S. to tell tech companies to crack down on free speech. Fuck him.

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Yup, someone should assassinate this motherfucker while he's still here.

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How about the Brits just elect someone else?

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It will be easier for the tech companies to mute the ‘london mayor’, squash him boys!

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A phobia would indicate it's an irrational fear. There is no fear here, only rational thought and judgement of barbaric pedophile worshipers. Stuff his ass in a brazen bull and be done with it, since he has such brazen balls to be spreading this garbagethink.

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This. I'm so sick of the X-ophobia bullshit the left has been pushing the last few years.

Dislike of something does not necessarily mean you fear it. Nor that you don't understand it.

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Would anyone like to break it to him that islamophobia is not a real word or even a thing. Broken down this means that you have an irrational fear of Islam which is medically dignosed by a trained professional. Islam itself is not really a thing or a person it's a religion, if you only fear one religion then there must be an element of that one religion that you have a phobia of, paedophiles, bestiality, torture rape etc each of which already have terms for phobias. Or ..the word he was looking for is Theophobia fear of religion, which would apply universally and applies to all religions. But that's not hugely convenient for them is it.

[–] RiverWind 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Islam is not merely a religion. To describe it thus is to miss the point. It is a theo-political construct. The political part of Islam, which is an integral part of the belief, is that which seeks to impose Sharia law upon all countries.

It is more accurate to describe it as Islamo-Fascism.

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How long before brits revolt?

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Don't hold your breath. Half of them would fight for the Muslims.

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They will wait for us to do it for them

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I wonder how many captured and enslaved 9 yr old white girls this one raped?

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If he tried to lock me up they be a whole lotta Muslims going down with me

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but it wont be muslims sent to lock you up brittain is that cucked

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They recruit from within the prison system so what they'd do is drop him in a cell full of muslims that know why he's there and then ignore his screams until he's been raped to death.

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hes too late. has no one been reading whats going on there? its already illegal.

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Sharia is just a convenient excuse for creating the dystopian future (((they))) want. It's a perfect plan when you think about it. First outlaw one type of speech then slowly add more and more categories. End result is what (((they're))) after, using Sharia to accomplish the goal is just the latest attempt... and nicely focuses any backlash away from (((THEM)))

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