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These "walkouts" just prove that the kids are merely parroting what they are told. A walkout is sticking it to the man to show you're not part of their system. When the system encourages the walkout, you're merely a tool doing their bidding.

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Considering it's in part them saying that they have a right to be in a safe classroom it would be much more convincing if they said they were going to stay IN the school for a protest, say, at the end of the day instead of going right on home. But yeah, much easier to organize something where the kids will be willing to get the fuck out of there because, duh, it's school and kids don't wanna be there. It's all so see-through.

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Teachers lead their classrooms in the walkout. In local school districts these had implicit school board support at top levels of leadership, sending emails out to all teachers with the time and strategy.

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It's like that episode of South Park where the boys are given the opportunity to protest against a war they know nothing about, or stay and do math problems. What do you think children are going to do?

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I never knew an episode like that aired lol. That's basically how i see the world though... the truth is out there (flat earth), but instead of fighting for it we continuously do mathematical and physics problems instead of addressing why some people believe in a flat earth. Yes i know, I'm crazy... i used to be obsessed with idea of space though.

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Baseless theory, where’s your evidence other than your ‘belief’?

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It is a misapplication of public funds, and therefore political corruption.

Some of you may know how I feel about misuse of government power. My view is that it is the only valid crime calling for capital punishment, and should be applied uniformly.

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Some suggested a better use of the time and situation could have been used to have a day of reading and discussing/understanding our Constitution. It seems apparent to me this was done to specifically obfuscate that.

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I hope some students calmly asked (while recording), "Teacher, am I free to choose whether to participate in the walk-out or stay in class?" If there's even any hint of obligation, post that shit far and wide.

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I wonder. Are anyone these walkouts in majority black schools?

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The entire Baltimore city school system, so yes.

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They listed to get out of school so they could shoot each other

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I wonder how many more kids will get shot in the streets of Chicago today?

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Or Baltimore. The city is actually paying for the nigglets to walk out. I put money on one being dead before 5PM today.

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I feel bad for the 5 motivated white and Asian kids who will show up for class today, only to get beat up by latinx transfags (like the one whose speech started this) tomorrow.

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