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See? Immigration problems can be solved as easily as that. Simply remove incentives and they'll remove themselves.

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I don't understand how this could possibly work.

They came to Denmark to seek freedom and to integrate into Danish society, eventually become fully contributing taxpayers and because they just plain love Denmark. Right?


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Muh diversity goyim

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Same goes for pigeons in the park.

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So what exactly is the threat? That a bunch of do-nothing welfare parasites will stop leeching off productive society? Heaven forfend.

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How is this a threat?

EDIT: To anyone except to Finland. Sorry my dudes.

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Don't go ruin Finland too, just go to Sweden, they're desperate to get "enriched" by you folks.

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I thought Finland was VERY anti-immigrant in general?

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haha lol.

Once I tried to comment in the Finnish subreddit when I was still using reddit, and got a PM calling me a nigger lover American and a bunch of other stuff. Couldn't really blame him. Proud to be a 1/4 Finnish, could be worse, I could be part fucking part French.

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Nice threat, I would hope they do it, but I live in Finland. Well, maybe we could take one for the team and let them come ...and then deport them back to their own countries since they are not refugees, but welfare parasites. And after deporting them we should copy the Danes, but sadly that is very unlikely.

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> very unlikely

Of course when nobody is lobbying the politicians to stop this shit it's unlikely

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What the fuck was wrong with sending RICE to these poor farmers who cannot control their birth rates, when they had nearly starved themselves to death?

Interesting how the LEFT has totally abandoned Darwinism.

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I still think that's a nice impulse, I dunno. I mean take North Korea. There are lots of decent people starving because they have a nutbag dictator. I guess it just depends: do you think with the death of one bad leader, things could change? (Anywhere in Europe or East Asia) Or is the culture in general corrupt work-averse? (Anywhere in Latin America or Africa)

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You could question the functionality of a people who would accept a nutbag dictator as their leader. "Decent" is a moral judgement that's aside from their viability, but would a decent people accept that, even now?

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I hope they do try to move to Finland, only to have Finland block them at the border and tell them to fuck off.

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Finland is probably the most base nordic country

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For me, it's a tie between Finland and Denmark (taking this article into consideration).

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Norway too.

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