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When the fuck are the republicans going to make a sting to prove they are rigging the elections with the machines?

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When the fuck are the republicans going to make a sting to prove they are rigging the elections with the machines?

When ((they)) stop being part of the same party...which means never

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Declare for candidacy in local elections. Even if you don't plan to run a campaign, it increases the cost and manpower to seed candidates aligned with a certain world view on both sides of the aisle.

The strategy to control both left and right exploits the lack of civic minded citizens taking time out to participate. In the majority of districts a candidate, or a few, may be seeded and run mostly unopposed.

When additional people enter the running by declaring candidacy, administrative costs go way up. Have to assess whether it's a true threat. Potentially invest in resources to run campaigns with controlled candidates in the area. Invest in contingency plans in key districts to potentially impact vote totals. Additional analysts to assess ongoing work.

The number of moving pieces increase complexity. People running true campaigns have an easier time competing against controlled bodies. Higher probability of mistakes made trying to impact the election, for example the New York board of elections members exposed for illegally tampering with 200,000 registrations on the voter rolls. The more moving parts the more complex the operation, the more frequently mistakes happen or an insider flips and blows the whistle.

Just need you to declare candidacy whenever possible.

In many areas the cost to register is free or negligible.

In some areas such as California districts there's registration fees associated, to limit public access. Signatures may be collected in lieu of in most cases. Organizing signature groups to sponsor civic minded public would be a means to get organized and take action on the project.

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They may have just done so.

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I think they would get more traction (and it's more believable) with enforcing laws against illegal voters. There is quite a bit of evidence that Democrats are utilizing a lot of illegal voters.

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What about the turning away of legal voters because of a redrawn district that isn’t yet in effect?

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I think this issue will be taken to the courts.

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As long as jews are around, elections will be rigged

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Voting machines are problems but the other big issue is that in districts controlled by democrats the poll workers are all party insiders and if you try to volunteer there's no chance of you getting the job unless you are known and trusted by the insiders.

These guys have the voter rolls right in front of them and if you don't show up to vote they just cast a ballot in your name for the Democrats, however many as they need at the end of the night to ensure they win. And/or they let an illegal/bussed in minority Soros worker pretend to be you. Or they just foul a bunch of ballots they think are mostly Republican.

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https://archive.fo/8MiF2 :

GOP not conceding in Pennsylvania race, may seek recount | TheHill

'NBC News also projected him as the "apparent winner" early Wednesday morning as more absentee ballots trickled in. '

'The national Republican Party, meanwhile, is hinting that it may seek to force a recount. ', "Lamb's campaign and Democratic groups have declared him the winner, as he sits with less than a 700 vote lead.", "PITTSBURGH — Republicans will not be conceding anytime soon in Pennsylvania's tightly contested special election, where Democrat Conor Lamb holds a slim lead over Republican Rick Saccone in Tuesday's election."

'But a group of voters supporting a candidate are allowed to push for a recount with cause. '

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It's pretty obvious the DNC commie criminals are busing illegals in to the voting machines. That alone should be grounds for a recount.

But, they have multiple vectors for rigging the system. There's fraud around every corner.

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True if big.

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Trump should not have endorsed Rick Saccone. He is not an America First conservative, but an establishment cuckservative of the type that voters are sick and tired of. Trump should have said so and publicly disowned Saccone.

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He called himself Trump before Trump was Trump. Both of you have no references so I think both should be disregarded.

It's pretty easy to apply a loose label to somebody.

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Good good good all going to plan

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