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Look at national results going back to WWII. You can see them tuning the statistical model. At fist it's landslides back and forth, but by the 80s and 90s is 51/49 and changes parties every other term.

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There's not really any party switching. The illusion of the 2 party system is in place to keep the citizens from revolting; citizens think they have power to change their future when they really don't.

Jews run the entire government. There's no republicans vs democrats.

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This image comes to mind.

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This is also true, the one is evidence of the other

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The Quebec referendum for independence lost 51-49 too!

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And the feds openly meddled in it by subsidizing the ''No'' campaing & paying for bus loads of hypocrites to come to a big rally saying ''we love you'.... until after the vote when it switched back to ''Fucking frogs''

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Our election system is vulnerable to hacking. And we're all fucked.

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niggers should not be able to voat

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They've got it on lock down for 2018

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I agree at this point they probably know which elections they'll rig exactly to get a majority and they'll let the rest go however. This makes it seem like it is still a two party system.