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This is the plan and they're hoping for a 2020 win so they can discount all his nominations and fast track the activist judges they have waiting in the wings. Realize this, it's a waiting game and if (good chance this will happen) this year the dems take the house they will 100% start the impeachment process. Will it work? Nope but that's not the point. They need to tie up Trump for the rest of his term. Muh Russia is just about fizzled out and they need a new distraction and an impeachment process will be just what the doctor ordered. Also realize that if the dems get back into total power (president, and both houses) the 2nd Amendment will be the first thing they go after in force. The shit storm we avoided in 2016 is not over! They're plotting a comeback and Soros will be funding the blank check.

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Yes. Soros bemoaned Trump at Davos and said their plan had been set back but only five years at the most. He said Trump would be gone by no later than 2020 or "perhaps even sooner" and they'd be back on track. This is is why when you look around at most local, state and regional levels the government is operating as if none of the Trump administration mandates even exist. They are passing laws in flagrant violation of Trump's agenda, they are refusing to enforce his executive orders and new legislation. Obama & Hillary continue to tour the world meeting with leaders and behaving as if they are the real presidents.

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2 more years to wake as many sheeple as possible.

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Obstructionist losers

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It's pretty pathetic and it's getting really old. We still have over two more years of Trump at least and these leftists/communists have not relented in their bitching and picketing. Communists should be publicly scorned, like they were back when this country had at least little bit of sanity left.

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List of Ambassadors

188 Positions.

124 confirmed.

40 Nominated.

44 Vacant.

There's more positions with nobody nominated, than there are being "obstructed".

Countries with Vacancies: South Korea, OECD, ASEAN, European Union, OSCE, UN Human RIghts Council, Ireland

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Didn't Obama accuse the Republicans of doing the same thing? I'm no Democrat but this seems like par for the course--nothing new or unexpected.

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Obama complained, however the democrat's obstruction is the worst in U.S. history.

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Source: Donald J Trump

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Is this true? Because my international relations professor always complains that Trump hasn't appointed ambassadors.

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Sounds like grounds for executive orders to fill existing or create new posts. Maybe even start creating reduced-sized Government, since it's so onerous to even fill existing places by standard processes.

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Afterwards, we will begin politely asking cancer tumors to shrink/vanish. If it works for government, then why not?

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Swamp drain is plugged.

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