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It's pretty simple. If they don't let us vote, we won't let them live.

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You guys really need to start going all out soon. Protest in the streets. Hang the Dems from trees.

Edit: Democrat politicians, not voters.

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Edit: Democrat politicians, not voters.

I agree, this isn't Halloween. Hanging corpses would just confuse people.

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Not just Democrat politicians. Any politician that works against the American citizens

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Except that the violence would instantly become the focus of the nation instead of the voter interference. This would be the equivalent of putting a stick in your bike spokes.

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dem, repub---all jew slaves. The whole system is jewd. Revolution is the only way forward. Each state must form a people's militia millions strong

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The RATS cheat. It's what they do. It's the only way they can win because their stance on issues is generally speaking unAmerican and downright inhuman.

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Makes total sense. If democrats can't control the outcome, they don't want you to vote.

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Please provide more context.

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They redrew the lines for the district but they don't go into effect yet. Dems are turning republicans away from polls claiming the districts are redrawn and they don't belong to it anymore. The "election judges" are rejecting valid voters based on their party affiliation.

[–] antiliberalsociety 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

How do they know which party a person belongs to?

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Registered republicans in blue districts were allegedly being told they could not vote in their designated polling stations because they had been redistricted, which was untrue. In short, they were not allowed to vote.

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Where is this happening?

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Don't worry, the democrats have already informed us that there is no voter/election fraud so everything is fine. Carry on.

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This makes no sense, your poling place is based off your address, not your party affiliation. This isn't a primary, it's an actual election.

I have read a story about people going to their polling place mistakenly thinking they were in the district for this election, but in those cases there was no voting at all happening there because it was not the correct district.

Edit - on further thought I can see how they could try to pull this off. Still skeptical though.

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It is true, just like dead people and illegals voting in every election.

Democrats cheat and rig every election and they are doing it even more blatantly than ever now, and will continue to do so until they are seriously punished.

Republicans besides Trump are weak morons who believe the moral high ground makes them win, for instance, Jeff Sessions

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Gerrymandering is the process of drawing districts in such a way as to alter the outcome. It can get quite ridiculous and is sometimes performed on a per home basis. The person drawing the district will do so based on how they predict you to vote.

[–] speedisavirus 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Uh, yes it does? No shit your point station is by address. It's almost like your voter registration says what party you affiliate with and they have the voter rolls

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Democrats want American's to die and kill American's. Politicians are murderers hiding their tails away treating people just like pawns in chess wait 'til their judgement day comes.

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Democrats not letting people vote sounds oddly familiar.

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