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Sweden just made it illegal for school to segregate or teach religion.

/Jews exempted.

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Not just the swedish media...

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They really are global vermin. They infest and ruin every country and have been doing it for hundreds of years. Gas them all...for real this time

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who is saying what, Swedish politics are weird

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She said subsidies should be removed from media that control more the 5% of the market. She is in the (not even far) right party SD which currently is the only real opposition party.

The upshot is that it is an attack on the Jewish owned media in Sweden and she has left the party now.

Quite why she had to leave I don't know.

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The Jewish family control 80% of the media in Sweden, far in excess of the 5% proposed by Anna.

Thank you for mentioning that Anna is in the (controlled) opposition, who are most moderate. If even the opposition cannot propose changing the (Jewish) monopoly on the media, then who can?