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'Australian Senator'

Motherfuckers thats Pauline Hanson. She was shitlording it years before this current crisis existed. We all hung shit on her for being a backwards bogan for years. She always had a point but a lot of people weren't ready to hear it.

We ain't laughing now. Nick Xenophon has had enough too.

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Fucking oath cunts, vote One Nation.

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tellin it like it is, fuck the refujihadi...also read their Quran or Koran, translations into many other languages their prophet moohammad was a near demonic person, a war monger and pedophile who took slaves and molested raped a 6 yr old girl Aisha who became his 'wife'

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That's an insult to demonic persons, war mongers, and pedophiles!

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Preaching to the choir!

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Pauline is going to try out One Nation in the next Victorian election. Hope the party does well, but well, it's Victoria. Dan Andrews, the Justin Trudeau wannabe, will probably romp in again, this time with a majority.

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Arrested by the British crown for hate speech in 3....2.....1.....

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Australia - Legally wholly independent since '86

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I thought Australia was still part of Britain, like Canada?

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They'll target her in other ways. They recently went through multiple oblique attacks to get rid of their non-pozzed deputy prime minister. Another oddball country Queenslander who was too dedicated to his own electorate's concerns rather than being a progressive faggot like the rest of their in-power "conservative" party.

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Finally a politician with balls…….so rare these days.

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Ooooh this bitch. Lol I fucking love this salty old cunt. She is mocked by so many over there in Australia, but she has a point. Check out her music video.


"I don't like it"

You won't be dissatisfied.

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Shes mocked less and less every day.

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Why do you scream at trucks? Why not cars? Or busses?

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A politician with a brain, not commonplace ...

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Most people know this. Few people say it.

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