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Hahahahahahahaaa hahahahahahhaha

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They knew there was nothing to find, but they also knew there was a ton of damning evidence against them to bury.

Bob Mueller was a Bush appointee. Every Liberal should know this fact, that their champion of "cleaning house" was appointed by Bush and took leadership of the FBI the week before 9/11.

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Sort of means that everyone knew this was a bag of dew. Let's distract from what is really going on with a stupid investigation.

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being a Democrat should be against the law, lol

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Is the Flynn reversal official yet?

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Special Counsel was fraudulently obtained because of fake dossier, that got the illegal warrant from FISA, from which ANY AND ALL evidence against ANYONE charged in case (Flynn, Manifort, et al.) will be deemed inadmissible. When its "official", the reversal will have aftershocks into midterms.

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Two years? Don't they know how much in taxpayer dollars that is?

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, I don't know what's more pathetic, Republicans self-identifying as innocent or you useless eaters believing them.

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All evidence was thrown out, u mad?

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Looks like it, topkek.