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Round them up, microchip them for tracking, and deport them. Create an application that notifies ICE if they are within our borders and then execute them...that will put an end to repeat offenders.

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Forget about microchipping. Just start the public firing squad executions. The illegals will get the point very quickly if our government draws a real line in the sand. America is NOT your home. It's OUR HOME. If you want to come inside, you have to follow the same rules as every other citizen.

You're not undocumented workers. You're illegal aliens who disrespect our country's values. It's time to teach you a lesson in respect.

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Some of the top Fortune 500 companies employ undocumented workers. It is corporate fascism you should be angry with, not these workers. Also, a big chunk of jobs are sent overseas when they could use American workers. American gov't and corporations sell the citizens of this country short.

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at the very least... let's make some fake CIA videos ( a' la ISIS ) showing the execution of illegal aliens...

oh shit, that's right... CIA propaganda is for US CITIZENS ONLY

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Or skip all those middle steps. Just round them up and execute them. They are criminals with no regard for the law.

There's got to be some ovens laying around somewhere

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Gather all illegal immigrant in one place, and tell them that only one percent of the survivors after 24 hours will be granted a temporary stay. Watch the mayhem, and live stream it for a fee.

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You don't really think there are going to be actually that much illegals do you?! Those who will will be outnumbered by white libshit girls and the soyboy predetors atleast 1 to 5.

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They have their own versions of ignorant girls and soyboys. Out of an estimated population of 30mil illegals, a large portion of which lives in the area, I would expect a good number to show up.

Then again, considering the concentration of soy boys and ignorant women in major cities, especially in CA, it's a tossup for me.

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They better have ID or won't get back across the boarder one we bulldoze the crowd south.

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No chips.

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This is a place where Trump can shine. He must send in ICE and The National Guard and REMOVE BURRITO

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Taconigger, sandnigger, realnigger, wigger(Eminem) and now another one : Burritonigger. Thank you for sharing.

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haha we must make a meme of Bubba from Forest Gump. Instead of "boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, etc" we can use what you wrote for epic triggering.

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He could have lined the border with troops.

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It's easier to deport them when they put themselves in one spot like this. Round them up and deport them to North Korea.

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Lol perfect. barricade them in and herd them into trucks, and drive straight to the border. Fucking idiots

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March them right down to San Ysidro and let them cross the bridge to mexico or jump in the river.

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I really don't get why this kind of thing is allowed or looked upon positively by anything.

Imagine a march of unconvicted child molesters, or bank robbers who hadn't been caught yet.

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I think they do the child molesters get together every year at the Oscars. Always praising Roman Polanski.

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You had me at "arrest".

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