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Any criticism of the left means you’re racist


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Maxine Waters is a dumb piece of shit nigger chimp. That's not racist. That's facts.


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Apparently, it's "Scientific Racism."   I hate shit nowadays.


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Except that the truth is that LEFTIST are the real racist and discriminatory to everyone who is not perpetrating white genocide.

Here's some proof:

  • Leftist called Sowell and other conservative blacks "uncle tom" because leftists are racist towards black who are not perpetrating white genocide

  • Leftist stopped Shapiro, Milo etc because they are racist towards jews who are about to give a speech that isn't about supporting white genocide.

  • Leftist is racist towards slavs like Putin because he is not perpetrating white genocide.

  • Leftist is racist towards all white people who are not perpetrating white genocide.

  • Leftist is racist towards Asians, as can be seen with affirmative action, equal opportunity program, and diversity hiring.

  • Furthermore, leftist is bigoted towards straight people and everyone who does not identify as a bipolar polysexual transgendered feminist.

tl;dr; leftists are the true hater and everything they spout radiates bigotry. Therefore I propose the complete extermination and banning of leftist ideology through violent measures.


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Because they are not only racists, but hypocrites to boot.


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..REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...(cough, cough spit) ..fuckit, I can’t even pretend..

Cheers pal!


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What a country- even a moron can become a millionaire:


Edit: She is, however, at about $2M, well under the average of about $5.7M for Democratic representatives:


Note: figures are well out of date, being from 2012.


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That's the fucking problem with political correctness and progressive bullshit. People getting ahead due to affirmative action instead of competency.

Fuck all of them. For every job color/women/fags get, a job for straight white dude was stolen.

That's why if someone is a straight light skin male and supports western progressive ideology, he deserves to be lynched asap, because he is a dead end gene and eugenics is well deserved for idiots like him.


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Old ass washed up nigger hag sheboon does absolutely nothing but race bait while other dumb niggers keep voting her in. They say Trump is dividing this country. Fuck that. This country has been divided since niggers got let in. All they do is bitch about the whole fucking world is racist against them, and only them. That's all they know. Then you got the god damn nigger luvin' media joining the chorus.

Tell it like it is Donny boy. Fuck this ugly ass stupid coon who should be dead. When in the fuck is OJ gonna make ammends for murdering of a couple of innocents and kill this bitch who's lived off the tax payers while a lot of them eek out a life.


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Freeing the slaves was a fucking big mistake.

Fuck progress. It does nothing but for you and me.

I'd rather own slaves than seeing descendants of slaves being richer than me due to political correctness.

That's precisely why if, to reverse the progress, we need to spill millions of leftist blood, then it needs to be done. If you think about it, there's no greater evil than leftist ideology and politics.

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But if you play a club does that mean you got laid?

A diamond flush like a mineral shower

Or a pair of aces in your pants to jack your queen’s flower

Taking chances back flip dances broke and penniless on the floor

Go outside let it slide now you have another spin five buck whore

Edit: no offence v/xObyte. generic not personal


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That's my favorite use of the word. It wakes people up when just criticizing black people is considered racist.


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Just criticizing Islam is considered racist in England, by the cucks who run England. Just criticizing Jews is considered racist in America, by the Jews who run America -- even if the criticism is fully justified. The word "racist" is meaningless. It's just a put-down.


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Dems say everything is racist. They've officially turned the word racism into the biggest joke of the centry


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She is dumb, but she's slightly smarter than she looks. (which isn't saying much)

She's smart enough to recognize that the only argument she has is "dat's racist". A dumber Basketball-American might try and actually argue and say "No, I'm actually really smart" rather than sticking to what's effective enough to keep her base.


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I think she's even dumber than she looks.


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Waters told the rallied, “I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion.”

God damn, that is the single strongest pro-abortion argument I have ever seen. If only Maxine's mother had had an abortion...

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