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America must follow in the footsteps of its "greatest ally."

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You misspelled "dirty jews"

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Maybe they did, has wall, no dual citizenship, no migrants.

Well if that don't beat the band!

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Kick out jews with the muslims and things would be looking up.

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  • 4. Gets Free Nuclear Subs
  • 5. Gets Free F-35 Stealth Fighters

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  • 6. Gets the NSA's data

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  • 7. Gets complete protection from the United States despite all their assassinations, overt acts of water, and crimes against humanity from the United Nations.

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The Jews are so good at nation building!

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Didn't the Havaara agreement start it?

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So true. Isn't there a saying about doing what the greatest do or something?

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But but think of the 900 gorillion you anti-Semite Nazi!


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depressing that a cartoon style drawing like that - so simplistic - is literally the future the Chosen Ones are planning and working towards

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That's a brilliant picture. There's nothing wrong with that plan.

In fact, whites should be thinking of the same thing, just like good old times. Segregation, exploitation and shit.

Everybody who are blessed to have higher IQ and member of the more evolved species should ALL strive to achieve that kind of segregation and elitism.

Having that kind of vision (us prosper, everybody else sacrificed) proves superior evolution branch. Just like how human eat cows and chicken, because cows and chicken are inferior species.

If the goyim did not believe in that world view and strive to be superior, then they deserve to lose the game. Arab Muslim treating naive liberal European Christians as cattle and sex slaves are proof of their evolutionary superiority over domesticated breeds lacking in survival genes.

Evolutionary science over "feels" boys. Resources are limited, therefore "us vs them" is an intellectually superior worldview than "inclusive tolerant coexistence" bullshit.

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"Free" means money laundering.

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but goyim aren't allowed to do this, though. oy to the vey

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is also an ethnostate

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also an Apartheid state

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It really is not. Well, not as bad as white nations but it is not as homogeneous as they would like (because past PMs are Soros puppet that's why).

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Oy vey the promised land is not for dirty goyims didn't you know you anti Semite??

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Those fucking racist nazis!

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22 million people died in World War II. Don’t believe fake numbers.

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If you are wondering why the US is held under completely different standards, think about (((who))) controls the media..

The media is the reason why the overton window is so much narrower in the US, and you can't propose the same types of things that israel is proposing/doing with out being publicly ostracized..

We need to start putting out propaganda that normalizes protecting our own damn country.. It should have never become not normal..

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Israel instituted a nigger ban. They deported or jailed all their unwanted niggers.

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Are you implying that some niggers are wanted?

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The best nigger is a better human being than the worst white.

Thomas Sowell will always be wanted more than the likes of Killary.

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And attempted to sterilise those they couldn't

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