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is this real?

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This article from 2010 calls it a prank. They say the cartoons were manipulated because of the massive amounts of CCTV cameras being installed at the time.

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This isn't, but this is: https://i.imgur.com/qFnDqaM.jpg

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Both the font & text brings 1984 to mind.

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So how come we are all less secure now? https://kek.gg/i/6brKZp.jpg

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What The Motherfuck

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That's a great (and scary) piece of art.

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Not likely. The female isn't wearing a garbage bag.

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George Orwell is weeping

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Society is being assaulted on multiple fronts. Politicians are minimizing outrage over migrant issues by prohibiting the coverage of them by the media. This lessens the discomfort the citizens are feeling by lessening the visibility of certain issues. Since they are not properly informed they are not motivated to act.

Now when someone is wronged and the 'justice' system does not make them whole they take rogue action. They are then labeled as domestic terrorists or lone wolf attackers. This spin on their actions is accentuated while their actual motives are suppressed or hidden from public knowledge. In this way the average citizen is both more concerned with the "lone wolf" and not informed of the rampant abuses taking place (such as this most recent rape ring).

In this way they are motivated to work against their common man. Their motivation for this is mostly out of their wish to be left alone so that they can live life "in peace" because without these "lone wolfs" and "right wing extremists" there would be peace with their "religion of peace" neighbors.

This is also why viewing "right wing content" has been outlawed. So that that now anyone who may become awakened to the actual state of affairs can easily be coorced , through force if necessary, to be a good little citizen.

The only way to stop this from happening is a mass awakening event. It only takes 10% to have a revolution. It only takes 2% to inform.

If people want their nations back they need to have decentralized communications and have days of action where they protest and make their existence and numbers known.

They need to broadcast the atrocities which are being hidden from their countrymen and make the manipulative nature of their press known.

The usage of peaceful means is of the utmost importance. Violence is easily used against any movement of this form. If any agent provocateurs arive you must place them under citizens arrest. You need to be the victims. The violent are NEVER the victims.

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also stop paying taxes if you can get away with it.

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Informing starts with your family.

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Right wing propaganda is outlawed? You mean "black propaganda"? Then Why is voat still up?

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Those who are paying attention have seen the writing on the wall for decades. The public is only now getting a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg. 1984 can only happen when society is inebriated with feel-good ideology and self-proclaimed victim marketing. But the entire system is unsustainable just like Socialism. We're seeing the ugly aftershocks today. The death throes of a violent, self-serving, victim philosophy that places feelings at the center of the universe.

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Londoneers are not citizens, they are subjects. Their government owns them completely.

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No one is free. Whatever freedom anyone has, is not guaranteed by anyone or almost everyone. The kings and the subjects. No one is free from the errors of the masses and the high evil opportunists.

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In the United States we have a saying; Free men own guns, slaves don't.

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Note that this is from 2010.

Still upvoating, because lol.

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Too bad it's not real, but total 1984-type thinking.

However, with the recent events.....this is not too far off.

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That's right, goyim. Lay down and take it oy vey

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