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Yeah it's a Sharia state now just as planned

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It happenned quicker than I expected. Do you think there will be a flood of immigrants (out of the UK) or people will sit there and take it?

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Nawaz is a weasel. An apparent ex-extremist who now has a vibrant media career, courted by news channels and other outlets for his expertise. Mark my words, Nawaz and the London Mayor, Khan, are working towards the same objective: social and political Islamic hegemony in the United Kingdom. They won't be around to see it due to age, but they'll be lauded as pioneers by those who'll follow in their footsteps.

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al-Lah was a pedophile war monger Moongod followed by a tribe of islamist camel jackers, these moslems who pray to their war monger prophet and Death Cult founder unknowningly follow a confused mix of older religion such as Babylonian and pagan arab near satanic moongods as described in Rushdie's Satanic verses. Before islam Rome, India, Egypt, China, Greece all traded along an Asia road spanning from Europe across Arabia and into the Far East China connecting all peoples on this goods and information highway, this route, the wall mart Apple Sony Samsung AT&T Coca cola and internet of its time before islam shut down all and destroyed everything. The system of islam is compiled as a potpourri of bits and pieces from other faiths and 'culture', such as pagan Arab faith and old India faith, which the self-invented prophet of Islam gathered during his regular raids, theft, rapes and attacks. https://ahayahyashiya.blogspot.com/2014/06/kaaba-ancient-hindu-shiva-temple-in.html Pre-Islam, Mecca was known as one of the most important religious places of worship in the Arabian world. It appears to have been a multi-faith place of worship, many peoples, many gods, their friendship is documented in the Quran that claims the people were all friends with each other, and are therefore to be seen as enemies to Muslims. more here https://haribhakt.com/kaaba-a-hindu-temple-stolen-by-muslims/ There are elements of old Mesopotamia religion and not just Christian or Jewish stolen texts but also customs of Vedic (Hinduism) influence in Pre-Islamic Arabia, monotheistic religion like Zoroastrian. https://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.com/2009/07/vedic-practises-in-mecca-ajit-vadakayil.html and https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/the-black-stone-at-mecca/comment-page-1/ In addition, many of the 360 idols surrounding the Kaaba remained although most were destroyed. The last idols got destroyed a mere decade ago by King Abdullah, which was mentioned in a newspaper article during the renovation and new constructions in Mecca. The pedophile madman prophet muhammad’s career took place not in Mecca but hundreds of kilometers/miles to the north. Yehuda Nevo, The classical Arabic language was developed not in today’s Saudi Arabia but in the Levant.The war monger child molestor prophet mohammad was born in 570 A.D. He proclaimed Islam in 622 A.D and died in 632 A.D. That is to say out of a span of 62 years, Mohammad himself was a Muslim for the last 10 years. For the earlier 52 years he was a non-Muslim --a pagan . The Kaaba was already in existence when Mohammed and his gang of looters invaded Mecca and slaughtered its inhabitants. http://www.decodinghinduism.com/2015/07/kaaba-decoded.html also Greek, Egyptian, Roman and other Pagan Arab churches temples stolen and smashed Conversion of non-Islamic places of worship into mosques https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_of_non-Islamic_places_of_worship_into_mosques and also the trend followed in Persian and modern day Iraq https://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/is-kaaba-an-ancient-hindu-shiva-temple-confiscated-by-muhammad?xg_source=activity Islam is not a religion. It is corrupt, fabricated and created out of theft and loot. The so called prophet of islam is a mass murdering invading pedophile as described in their book the Quran or Koran, moslems unknown to them kiss the dick, vagina, anus, the lingam of old Hindu gods like Shiva and old death Gods as they go to the Kaaba in Mecca. If you ever read the translations of the Quran or Koran you will see Moohammad was a mad man pedophile, he took slaves, destroyed villages, he was a liar a bandit and a thief, he raped animals, tortured people, he had sex with his dead aunt and his favorite wife was a 6 yr old child, named Aisha, like a dog he dry dumped this child for years then at 9 he raped her to consummate the marraige, her body was damaged and it is perhaps she poisoned this mad man finally killing him. The family row after was like something on Jerry Springer and a riot in a Serial Killer prison, a newer mass murdering pedophile wanted to lead the depraved inbred Arab bandit family which is why the Iranian type and Saudi type have never got along ever since.... this is why islam fights to creat a new depraved al-Baghdadi, Ayatollah Khomeini, bin Laden...and moslems terrorist jihadis are unknowingly themselves are manipulated pawns of globalist Empires. Rape, infighting, slavery, mass murder, religious extremism and child molestation and hijacking, invading migration and extremism, this is exactly what islam is founded on, once the West and US/European democracy sees this it will become irradiated, annoyed and bored with mohammedan islamics.

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Have an upvoat for the intensity of that.

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I sense something, a presence I've not felt since...

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Agreed. I briefly fell under his spell, seemed so believable at first but his Islam/Islamism dichotomy is pure bullshit. You can't have one without the other or at least the potential of the other. And that's his message, be nice to the mudslimes or they'll turn into jihadi's.

He's a narcissist attention whore selling a version of islam-lite to anyone who'll listen.

Check out his bullshit when Tommy Robinson surprise calls him https://youtu.be/0y-Lgz94phE

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As someone who's spent most of my life around devious pathological liars and bullshitters, I can smell them from a mile away. Nawaz is certainly one of them. He wreaks of disingenuousness. Listen to what he doesn't say, or what he elects to not mention, instead of the things he chooses to focus on. The discussion points he steers away from are the things he doesn't want highlighted. A very dangerous man that's being enabled by a cowardly white establishment who've fallen for his act.

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I bet Nawaz is just trying to impress Southern so he can taste her pussy or something.

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Damn. And I always wanted to tour the UK. No so much anymore.

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How much time till they can finally become muslims and kill the ''infidel'' state officials?

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radical Islam is everywhere.. we must stop this now before its too late

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I'm a half Arab who grew up among Arabs in nyc, idk what's worse, the backwards as fuck barbaric Arabs or the cucked^10 faggots in the U.K. I feel really bad, uk is rekt

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The cucked faggots are worse.

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you speak sandnigger?

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can you please convince your fellow blood brothers to go back to kuwait or w/e